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Great Source for fresh Tomatoes and local foods! :-)

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Great Source for fresh Tomatoes and local foods! :-)

Postby Deb Hall » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:56 am


I recently saw an ad on Facebook for Grasshoppers and found out that you can order local foods- produce, dairy, meats and others - direct from Grasshoppers like the restaurants do. I thought you could only do the Grasshoppers CSA- not just order things as you need them- how did I miss this???? :shock:

Their website is http://grasshoppers.deliverybizpro.com/home.php. They have weekly deliveries and ALOT of locations you can pickup at. This pickup location issue is a really big issue for me as a working parent and one of the reasons I stopped doing CSAs ( getting pick-ups was a constant problem with schedules). In my case, the Rainbow Blossom 1/2 mile from my house is perfect. Easy on-line ordering too; pick-up was easy and flawless. The items picked up by the lady in front of me were beautiful- obviously very high quality and very fresh!

They are running a sale now- 20 lbs of organic plum tomatoes for only $30 ( wow!). I ordered them for fresh sauce/ canning/ drying. The tomatoes are beautiful and really great tasting; they are huge and I was initially worried the flavor might not be as good. Highly recommend if you are looking for lots of tomatoes!

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Re: Great Source for fresh Tomatoes and local foods! :-)

Postby Margie L » Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:34 pm

I second that. Bought the 20# of Romas for $30, and I now have enough in my freezer to add summer freshness all winter. There were 2 or 3 tomatoes in the whole crate that weren't quite up to par for freezing, but they tasted great. BTW, I just wash 'em and bag 'em. The skins peel right off when they defrost.
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