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chinese recipe question: hot & sour lettuce

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chinese recipe question: hot & sour lettuce

Postby Joel F » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:09 am

We would like to try to recreate one of our favorite apps from Panda Cuisine (Lex).

it's on the menu as: hot and sour lettuce (酸辣生菜)

the one thing I can find via google is a poorly translated recipe, the rest seem to be mistmatched results. It's not a wrap, it's not a soup! The badly translated recipe makes this out to be more of a quick pickled item but panda's doesn't come off like that.

googling only the chinese characters will give me some images of the dish from other websites but no recipes that I can see so far.

the composition seems simple (dried chili's, peanut oil, lettuce, vinegar, salt (?) and ?) but we need help with quantities and steps.

any one familiar with this? is there a go-to resource on szechuan recipes?
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Joel F
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