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Mumford and Sons on My Mind

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Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:08 pm



Mumford and Sons on My Mind

by Shane Campbell » Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:01 pm

OK, so in a weak moment (after several drinks) I was convinced to buy tickets to this group's concert tomorrow night at Waterfront Park. My friends had been raving about them for a while but I'd never heard them myself. I virtually never go to concerts of groups for whom I'm not already a fan. The last time I did it was “Wide Spread Panic” at the Palace. While that was an unforgettable experience I will never-the-less continue to try.

All of my favorite songs have already been written so I don't usually pay much attention to new music. All of my favorite songs tell a story and evoke imagery and emotion. I don't often find that the popular music of today or even that which has been released in the last two decades fulfills these requirements. Except for country music. I think that the country music of today is better than it has ever been at telling a good tale.

Come on, if you haven't listened to Little Big Town's new song “Pontoon” you are missing out. Most songs by Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, or Brad Paisley speak to the common man and woman about life in a frank and hilarious manner. This younger generation of country singers has been heavily influenced by the rockers of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and their music is full of aggressive guitars, taunt drums, and interesting lyrics. Best of all they sing lyrics you can understand.

To my horror I've discovered that I can not understand the lyrics of Mumford and Sons. My wife picked up their CD and I have been listening to it in the car for weeks now. I really like their musicianship and their lead singer's voice is interesting although obviously contrived. Their songs really do not make much sense to me. I think their lyric writing is either horribly lazy or I am missing something in the translation. I've even read the written lyrics in hopes that seeing the words might help. It did not and after seeing the lyrics I'm convinced these guys are just laughing at us.

I've brought my concerns up to my friends on a couple of occasions. Ok, I've brought them up nearly every time I've seen them for the last month. They too now seem concerned. I've tried working some of the song lyrics into my normal conversation just to see the effect. You know like “if I only had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won” or “learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck.” They too seem puzzled but not really offended like me by such phrases.

Alas, I've discovered that not everyone is concerned with or even bothers to listen to the lyrics of songs. I wonder how many people go their whole lives thinking that John Fogerty is saying there is “a bathroom on the right” in Bad Moon Rising. You should have seen my wife's face when I explained Jackson Browne's “Rosie” to her. I find it sad really. My friends say I'm over thinking this whole thing. I should just relax. Maybe their right. Maybe I'm just all wrapped up like the biggest douche!
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