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Bourbon Classic will highlight cocktails, cuisine in March

by Robin Garr » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:01 pm

A news conference yesterday unveiled plans for a new bourbon-themed annual event based in Louisville, the Bourbon Classic, which will take place at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts on March 22 and 23, 2013. The event is focused on the art and enjoyment of all things bourbon. Highlights will include a Friday evening mixology competition focused on classic and contemporary bourbon cocktails; each cocktail maker will be paired with a chef who will present a bourbon-themed culinary complement.

On Saturday, a master distillers panel will be offered, followed by a series of breakout classes on a variety of bourbon-themed topics and “The Bourbon Experience,” where attendees will have the opportunity to sample one of the best collections of bourbon and bourbon-inspired products ever offered to the public. Each night will also include an after party at the Kentucky Center.

Ticket sales for the event are available at http://www.bourbonclassic.com, which has a preliminary schedule of events and additional details.

The Bourbon Classic was co-founded by Tony Butler of FSA Management Group, an established event planning company based in Louisville, and Justin Thompson and Seth Thompson of The Bourbon Review.

“We recognized that there was an opportunity to create a Louisville-based event that showcased not only Kentucky's bourbon heritage, but Louisville’s place within that heritage,” says Tony Butler, co-founder of the Bourbon Classic. “Louisville is a bourbon and culinary hotspot, with some of the best restaurants in the country and a metropolitan gateway to the ‘Napa Valley’ of one of Kentucky’s finest products. This is event brings the city and region together to support the industry at large.”

Some of the bourbon industry’s most well-known brands have signed up as founding sponsors .The Urban Bourbon Trail is the welcoming sponsor of this event, joining Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Michters, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, and Blantons.“This is a truly unique experience that brings together the “rock stars” of the culinary, cocktail, and distilling arts, all under one roof,” adds co-founderJustin Thompson. “It’s a true connoisseur’s weekend.”

Chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia, Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods, and Silver Dollar co-founder Larry Rice were guests of honor at the media launch, demonstrating the art and enjoyment of bourbon firsthand. Chef Lee offered attendees a salad with rock shrimp, sorghum croutons and bourbon vinaigrette, while Larry Rice and bartender Susan Hoyt offered three bourbon cocktails: a welcome punch, and Old Fashioned, and a Bourbon Buck.

Founded in 2012 by FSA Management Group and The Bourbon Review, The Bourbon Classic is weekend event exploring the “best of the best” in the authentic world of bourbon. Bourbon Classic 2013 will take place at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts on March 22 – 23. Information is available at http://www.bourbonclassic.com.

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