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Late night detail cleaning/prepping.

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Late night detail cleaning/prepping.

Postby Bruce W » Fri Aug 24, 2012 12:39 am

I wanna clean your kitchen. For cheap. Due to other obligations during the day, and for your convenience, it will have to be later at night (close to or after dinner service). Hourly or for the job. Willing to negotiate cost. I won't steal your stuff or eat your food,however, I will provide a resume with reliable references. The services could include any of your basic breaking down cleaning (sweeping, mopping, leftover dishes, mattes, scrubbing walls, etc.). Or if you want more detailing, I can pull out equipment, clean out ovens, scrubs sides of fryers, etc.

Also will do prep if cleaning isn't needed. Any bulk prep that you don't wanna do yourself.

These services are only available for a couple more weeks. But if we work something out, it could be done regularly.

Email Bruce Wilson at wilsonthebruce@gmail.com or call 502.974.4502 and leave a detailed message.

Bruce W
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