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Phil still lurking? Milwaukee recs pls

by Kim H » Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:17 pm

My husband is from the Milwaukee area, and we're going to visit next week. Knowing that we're both foodies, his mom is always trying to find new places for us to try, but the results have been, well, far less than stellar the past several trips. We'd like something not too far from her house, but we can go downtown if it's worth it. She lives in Elm Grove, which is a little west of downtown proper, off 94. It would be for lunch, and nothing too expensive. Casual, but good, and rather low-key. She's 87, so nothing too fru-fru, probably, but she has a fairly open palette, so it doesn't have to be meat and potatoes either. We'd just love to take HER somewhere good! Suggestions? (Maders - been there, done that many times, just to let you know) TIA!

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