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Mamie's Cafe- Aberdeen, Maryland- wow!!!

by MarieP » Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:30 pm

My parents and I took a road trip to PA for a chainsaw carving festival (see my next post) and then on to Medford, NJ via I-95 to visit my grandmother. We planned to stop in at the Maryland House rest area (27 miles north of Baltimore) for some Phillips Seafood, but it was closed for renovations. We looked in the AAA book for a stop further up the interstate, and we discovered Mamie's Cafe just a few miles further!

The surroundings (suburban strip malls) are not of any notice. But the food was honestly some of the best we;d ever eaten! My mom mentioned that she was glad Mamie's was far away because we'd be eating there every day, it it would get quite expensive ;-) (Lunch is $7-15; dinner is $10-26, with seafood dishes $15 and up).

It was lunchtime on Father's Day, and the restaurant was full, but the service was very fast and attentive. We started out with an appetizer sampler, which included flavorful crab cake, crab stuffed mushrooms, juicy chicken wings seasoned with Old Bay, mozzarella sticks, and amazingly delicious homemade marinara sauce. The crab cake melt on toasted English muffins appealed to all of us, and it was no disappointment, The crab cake was definitely the star of the show- I could have wished for cheese sauce rather than cheese slices- but the tomato and a little of the leftover marinara more than took care of it.

The best part was that dessert comes free with the meal! We all got rice pudding, and it was absolutely addicting! It was thicker than most rice puddings, had the perfect amount of cinnamon and nutmeg, and the rice was just the right tenderness.

Long story short, my dad ended up selling a few of his carvings to the owner (the granddaughter of Mamie) and to her son (who was our server). This wasn't a surprise because of the restaurant's decor! It had all sorts of antique gadgets, from kitchen utensils to family photos to old letters to nautical memorabilia.

We left full and satisfied, and they even gave us rice pudding to go! I have a feeling they don't do that for everyone, but still, it reveals the attitude of the staff!

We said that we'd eat there for dinner on our way back through, which we did! My mom ordered a rich and creamy seafood alfredo, and my dad and I got the seafood marinara. The portions were huge! The marinara was one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten- perfectly cooked spaghetti, the homemade marinara, crab, shrimp, scallops, and mussels. I had leftovers the next day! And they gave us our rice pudding in to-go containers, since we'd been saying we were stuffed! :-)

We'll be stopping next time we go up that direction...

939 Beards Hill Rd.
(Beards Hill Plaza)
Aberdeen, MD 21001
(410) 273-8999

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