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Sake Blue Offline Poll

Want to organize a get-together with forum pals at a local eatery or pub? Plan it here!

Which date do you prefer for a LHB Offline at Sake Blue?

Poll ended at Thu May 21, 2009 9:19 am

Monday, June 8
Monday, June 15
Monday June 22
Total votes : 12

Sake Blue Offline Poll

Postby Gayle DeM » Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:19 am

Earlier this week, Carla proposed a LHB Offline at Sake Blue. Sohee, one of the Sake Blue managers, graciously responded,
After much discussion between the chefs and my family, we’d like to do a couple of special things for the forum members.

In addition to people ordering off the menu (sushi, bistro, teppanyaki), Chef Jack will make a couple of complementary signature dishes that may or may not be offered on our regular menu. These “tasting” dishes will be fun and interesting, and will definitely be unique to Sake Blue. We will also offer a tasting of our premium organic cold sake that will be a crisp & refreshing complement to the dishes.

We have narrow the date options to Monday, June 8; Monday, June 15; Monday, June 22. We'd like to see a huge turn-out, so please let us know which date will work the best for you. The poll will close May 21.
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Gayle DeM
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