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Scavenger Hunt items

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Scavenger Hunt items

by Alanna H » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:54 pm

I'm competing in an international scavenger hunt for charity the week of August 5 - 12. I have several items I am looking for and figured it can't hurt to post here, as well! Looking to spend as little money as possible...many of the tasks involve providing things for the homeless, nursing home patients, refugees, and other groups in need, so I'd rather spend my budget on buying the things needed for them. Also, I need these in Louisville so if you know a 3D street artist but they're in Texas, for example, unfortunately that wouldn't work for this.

* access to a pizza oven to bake a specific pizza
* Beret (yes, the hat- will not be able to return)
* 12 dental cheek retractors (can return, lol)
* 3-D street artist who works with chalk
* An inflatable bouncy house sturdy enough for large adults
(do you know someone who owns one and might be willing
to donate for an hour, as it's for charity?)
* 10 mannequins (will be returned)
* a contact at John Yarmuth's office (I've tweeted him, but you can't post messages on his FB, and his government page's 'contact me' feature is getting a 404 error.
* contact with Bruce Broussard (CEO of Humana) I sent an email, but who knows how long it takes his admin to go through them
* 12 drummers with drums (maybe a contact at River City Drum Corp?)
* Security guard / police officer okay with their picture being taken for the item or security guard / police officer uniform that I can
have someone wear.

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