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The Holidays

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Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:35 pm


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The Holidays

by Bill Veneman » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:24 pm

OK, I am going on one of my famous rants on a favorite subject....Louisville at the Holidays!

Retailers have, for better or for worse, tainted one of my favorite times of the years luring shoppers into their doors now before the Thanksgiving meal has had time to settle. Black Friday should be renamed "Black Eye Friday" because of the pushing, shoving, cursing, and most-unholiday-like behaviors known to mankind. Ant that is before November ends.

We've lost the total meaning of the season. It's not about keeping up with, or showing up the Jones'. It's about doing right by one another. Catching the glimmer of the lights in the eyes of a child, doing fun activities with those you love without motive or expectations.

As usual, I will be making a wide pass on Shelbyville Road between Lyndon Lane and Hubbards Lane for the simple reason that too many people are so caught up with their own agendas that they don't give too flips about anyone else...and that is so sad at this blessed time of the year.

My advice to all is to slow down, breathe, enjoy, relax. If the chores get done, they get done. If they don't, who's going to know. It's the season of joy and blessing.

Enjoy the season. Make it safe, stress free, and fun. And don't become a statistic, either on the highway or in the malls. It ain't worth it!

A very happy holiday season to one and all!
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Bill V.

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