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Child care Shelby county

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Child care Shelby county

Postby Megan Watts » Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:06 am

I know this is a long shot...but I'm getting a little anxious, so I'll post anywhere I can get the word out! I have the sweetest 6 yr old son that has Autism. Our current babysitter is returning to school so she'll no longer be able to watch him after school. The school system has rejected him from afterschool care specifically citing "because he has special needs and would require a one on one assistant". And because they "don't take funding from the school, eventhough it's on school property, they do not have to provide it for him". (sounds illegal to me, still)

BUT ..I am looking for someone to watch my boy either in my home, or theirs Weds-Friday from the time school gets out (230 pm) until 4-5 pm those days. He is fairly verbal, doesn't necessarily answer a lot of questions. He wears pull ups and we're working on potty training, but we're not there yet. But he's TONS of fun and I swear your heart will grow 3 sizes bigger just for knowing him!

So if you know any students, retired people, people needing a small stipend..please send them my way. They can also email me at megan.watts1@twc.com. Thank you!!
Megan Watts
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Re: Child care Shelby county

Postby Joel F » Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:11 am

just sent you an email.
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Joel F
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