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Attn Current DirecTV Customers - They are "Dealing"

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Attn Current DirecTV Customers - They are "Dealing"

Postby Steve P » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:15 pm

As the result of contractual issues VIACOM channels are currently not available on DirecTV... We're talking your ComCentral, Nick, MTV, VH1, etc...I'm sure this is a temporary thing while they negotiate a new contract. ANYWAY...if you are a current DirecTV customer and you call customer service they will give you a little "feel good" to keep you from bailing over to that nasty cable company. I just called and had $120 knocked off my bill for the next six months AND I got $150 bucks knocked off my NFL Sunday ticket...$270 bucks in my pocket...Cha-ching. You don't even have to bend 'em over, just tell em your not happy and ask 'em what they will do to make you smile again....Piece of cake.
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