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Bluegrass Supper Club

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Bluegrass Supper Club

by Mark R. » Fri Jun 25, 2021 8:34 pm

If you haven't tried the Bluegrass Supper club you definitely need to. It's a collaboration of Damaris Phillips & Coby Ming that they make at the meals at Chef Space on W. Mohammed Ali Blvd.

This month they are doing picnics. We went to pick up our basket for this afternoon and were really surprised when Damaris herself brought it out to the car. She's actually as genuine and cute in person as she is on television. We then proceeded you have our picnic at Tom Sawyer Park. I can't really can't say what item was the best, everything was great and unique. There were certainly plenty of food, we only ate a little over half of it and will be enjoying the rest of it over the weekend.

We are certainly looking forward to enjoying their meals done by them in the future.

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