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Taj Palace makes it easy to pick up delicious Indian food

by Robin Garr » Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:45 am

Taj Palace makes it easy to pick up delicious Indian food

Bhindi masala, a spicy okra and onion curry at Taj Palace.

There’s no way to put this but bluntly: I don’t think some Louisville restaurants are is taking the Covid-19 pandemic as seriously as they should.

Why the worry? You probably saw the news item about eleven Louisville businesses that got inspection blasts from Metro Public Health and Wellness over the Fourth of July weekend for failing to follow Covid-19 safety guidelines.

This matters: When I’m deciding where to dine during this pandemic, I want to have some confidence that the restaurant’s management doesn’t slack off on health and safety.

But how can we find out? The Internet! It's not difficult to gauge an eatery’s priority on health and safety from their website and social media. I had to browse past a half-dozen local restaurants that did not even mention pandemic precautions the other day before I landed at Taj Palace, an East End favorite.

“Order Online for Curbside Pickup,” invited a eye-catching orange button high up on Taj Palace’s web page. “Order for Delivery via Grubhub or Doordash,” it added, assuring us that curbside pickup is as close as a quick phone call.

I found all this profoundly reassuring, and once I clicked through to the online ordering page I was even more impressed. Clear and easy to navigate, it’s a technological dream.

Here’s how it works: Choose a dish, click its name, and you’ll jump to a new page offering a choice among five meats – chicken, lamb, fish, shrimp, or goat – five levels of spice, and special instructions. Check the price, add the dish to your cart, and go back for more. When you’re done, fill in your payment and contact information, add a good tip, choose your pickup time, even note the color and model of your car so they can find you out front. Yes, they did think of everything, and it shows again in the clear, complete email receipt and directions that shows up in your box moments later.

The extensive menu including 18 appetizers, soups, and salads from $4 to $14; a dozen meat entrees and 24 vegetarian entrees (all $11 to $15); 10 tandoori oven dishes from $12 (for chicken) to $25 (for lamb chops); and five biryani rice dishes from $12 to $16. A dozen Indian breads are $3 to $5, and a $10 bread basket sampler is $10. Side dishes, Indian desserts, and a short list of Indian beers round out the bill of fare.

We rolled up out front right on time and our food came out in sturdy foil containers sealed with cardboard tops, all carefuly packed in a brown bag, steaming hot and ready to go. It was still plenty warm enough to enjoy when we got it home and plated it 15 minutes later, and everything was delicious. ...

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Taj Palace Indian Restaurant
2929 Goose Creek Road

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