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MexA Taco deliciously satisfies our Mexican-food crave

by Robin Garr » Wed Jul 08, 2020 9:47 am

MexA Taco deliciously satisfies our Mexican-food crave

Named after MexA owner Lorena Casas, the signature Lorena's taco is a Monterrey-style treat, sirloin cubes and guacamole on an oversize flour tortilla.

If you haven't been watching Padma Lakshmi's new series, Taste the Nation, on Hulu, you really should start. The host of Bravo's popular Top Chef moves to something completely different with this series that focuses on food culture in America through the eyes and taste buds of immigrant communities.

In Episode 1, "Burritos on the Border," she covered restaurants and tortillas and immigration and politics in El Paso, Texas, and its neighbor Juarez, Mexico. The program was fascinating, and it made me crave tacos so hard that we headed straight for MexA Steak Tacos the very next day.

It's never easy to make a choice when I have tacos in mind, but MexA won the draw this time. Its tacos, made in the style of Monterrey, Mexico's third-largest city, are built on single, soft, deeply flavorful fresh-made tortillas topped with thoughtful combinations of ingredients that signal a chef's creative hand and mind at work in the kitchen.

In the time of the pandemic I'm not ready for dining in, so we phoned in our order and made a quick run inside to pay and pick up the brown bag. By the time we got home the food was room temperature, so we beat the clock by ordering inside on a second trip. This time the piping hot meal stayed warm on its trip home.

MexA does a good job of following the state's Safe at Work rules for restaurants. The server wore black gloves and a black mask, although the credit card reader did require some touching.

Tables inside are widely spaced, with orange cones to encourage social distancing. An outdoor dining area covers part of the rear parking lot, and signs on the doors in both Spanish and English gravely ask us not to come in if we're feeling sick or have been sick during the past 24 hours. Fair enough!

MexA's menu offers a choice of seven steak tacos, five other regular-size tacos, and four tacos pirata ("pirate-style" tacos, an oversize Monterrey specialty). Prices are tightly clustered between $3.25 and $4.19 for all the regular-size tacos, and $7.39 to $7.89 for the bigger tacos piratas. ...

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MexA Steak Tacos
3701 Lexington Road

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