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Feed Louisville mobilizing eateries to help feed hungry

by Robin Garr » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:06 pm

This is really good. If you'd like to help Feed Louisville directly, use the links below.

Doug Fee‎ on Louisville Take Out Facebook Page wrote:ATTENTION RESTAURANTS & CHEFS:
Feed Louisville is a collaboration of local restaurants feeding our homeless & low income communities during the pandemic.

Feed Louisville pays their restaurant partners $2 a meal to help off-set some of their costs for preparing meals. Restaurants can decide how many meals and how many days a week they want to contribute. Feed Louisville has a distribution team that will pick up the meals from the restaurant and deliver them directly to people in need.

If you are a chef or restaurant owner and would like more information, please contact Feed Louisville on Facebook or Instagram. Or contact Rhona Kamar at rhonakamar@me.com
To Donate directly: http://PayPal.me/dbcc40205

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