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APRON Inc stepping up to help

by Robin Garr » Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:25 am

This week APRON has received grant requests totaling more than we gave out in our first two years!

Due to this unprecedented need from our beloved Independent Restaurant Community we have reevaluated our grant guidelines to help more people sooner.
In addition, because of the great generosity of our friends and supporters we are able to offer more grants and larger grants.

-We will be giving grants up to $500 each
-Six months employment in an Independent Restaurant will be required. We will check with employers.
-Be able to produce upon request bills to be paid (we do not give money directly to grantees).

We are pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has pledged $20,000 as a matching grant- so if you haven’t had a chance to donate to APRON in the past PLEASE consider doing so now- your donation will be matched dollar for dollar

Please stay safe in the coming weeks-
APRON is always here to
Serve those who Serve Others.

To Donate go to

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