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Babie Bac'z Good Grill

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Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:10 pm

Babie Bac'z Good Grill

by Ron H » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:41 pm

If you haven't been out to Babie Bac'z, it's very highly recommended. It's an unassuming strip mall on Terry Road, but once you go past those doors, prepare to enter a barbecue heaven. When I showed up, the owner was outside with a broom making the sidewalk clean, and after a pleasant greeting, I went inside and put in my order. The Friday fish sandwich special caught my wife's eye on Instagram, and with little arm twisting and some menu research online, I agreed to make the drive out.

Everything we tried was great. Nicely crispy breaded fish sandwich that was clearly house-made with solid crinkle cut fries with a nice seasoning dusting; they didn't hold up to the drive, but it was almost a 45 minute drive at rush hour, so that's my bad and the fries, while a little soggy, tasted great. On my end, I opted for country fried ribs (pork ribs battered and deep fried) and the house-made potato chips. The batter on the ribs was crispy and crunchy, and the rib meat beneath was deliciously tender without losing the toothsomeness you expect from smoked ribs. The chips were varying degrees of crunchy, with some as crispy as store-bought chips and some with a consistency more like home fries, which I loved because that's how you know they're really homemade (and there's nothing better than a surprise fry in your basket of non-fry things). The creamy cole slaw that came with my ribs was a nice soothing coldness on my over-eager burned tongue with lots of fresh veggie crunch.

It's off the beaten path, but the best things usually are, and in a town that eats as much barbecue as Louisville, more people need to be Babie Bac'ers. Thumbs way up, like my cholesterol after eating deep fried ribs.
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