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Joe's Older Than Dirt returning, replacing Red Barn

by Robin Garr » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:28 pm

Well, I don't think anybody say this coming! :shock:

News release ...

Beloved Louisville Bar Set to Reopen
Joe’s Older Than Dirt will make triumphant return

A Louisville institution and its iconic moose mascot are making a comeback. Cres Bride, the former general manager of Joe’s Older than Dirt, and Olé Restaurant Group announced today they are partnering to reopen the bar at its previous location at 8131 New LaGrange Road in Lyndon. Bride, who also owns and manages R Place Pub, will run day-to-day operations, while Olé Restaurant Group, which operates Mussel & Burger Bar, Artesano, Guaca Mole, Mercato, and El Taco Luchador, is developing an affordable food menu.

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring back Joe’s,” said Cres Bride, who served as GM and co-owner of Joe’s from 2006 to 2010. “The roots and legacy of Joe’s in Lyndon run very deep. I pitched Olé on the idea not long ago, and things have come together quickly.”

Joe’s Older Than Dirt first opened in 1937, but fell on hard times and closed in 2015. Red Barn Kitchen has operated at the location since July 2016; its last day of business will be February 3.

“We are making a few renovations, including replicating the old bar in the front, so the layout will be very similar to how everyone remembers it,” said Bride. “Expect “We’ll have about 20 beers on tap, and it will be very affordable in the Joe’s tradition. We’ll have a great food menu at a very reasonable prices, too. It’s bar fare done the Olé way. Chef Fernando Martinez and his team have some great dishes like Pork Rind Nachos, a Mac n’ Cheese Burger, and some killer smoked wings, to name a few. Expect trivia night on Mondays, karaoke Tuesdays, cornhole Wednesdays, a live band Thursday and DJs Fridays and Saturdays. Expect 15 TVs to catch games.”

The famous Moose overlooking New LaGrange Road should be back in place this afternoon, but customers will have to wait until February 21 before renovations are complete and Joe’s reopens for new memories.

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