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Tandoori Fusion masters the science of fusion

by Robin Garr » Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:59 am

Tandoori Fusion masters the science of fusion

LEO's Eats with Robin Garr

The Fusion in Tandoori Fusion: Indian lamb vindaloo served in a British shepherd’s pie.

When I first heard about Tandoori Fusion, the new Indian restaurant way out in the East End across the way from Costco, my imagination leapt up. I know that the tandoor, the iconic Indian clay oven, can reach temperatures upward of 900ºF, a searing fire that does something magical to meats and flatbreads too.

But Tandoori Fusion? Can these people possibly have mustered nuclear fusion, the fierce energy that lights up H-bombs and the Sun itself? Crazy! That would make some remarkable tandoori food, all right, and it would be wicked fast.

Nope. Even if the Atomic Energy Commission approved the plan, fusion-in-a-tandoor continues to elude science. But culinary fusion, that’s another story. As it turns out, Tandoori Fusion’s bill of fare, in addition to nearly 100 authentic Indian dishes, prominently features a shorter list of “fusion” dishes that mix and mingle Indian and Western traditions in a culinary blender. A double-cheese murgh tikka pizza, anyone? Or how about some lamb vindaloo shepherd’s pie?

We’ll get back to this, but first, let’s back up and take a look at this recent arrival, opened early in October in the suburban shopping-center quarters formerly occupied by one of the shops of the local Zeggz Amazing Eggs chain.

The new tenants haven’t changed the scene much, and there wasn’t much need. A few abstract Indian paintings have been added, and I’m sure there was no compelling reason to paint over the scenic photo mural of the California wine country that fills the far wall of the spacious room. Attractive modern wood-look tables and wood-and-metal chairs remain, and the undraped furniture, wooden floors and glass wall of windows afford plenty of hard surfaces to amplify the noise of happy diners at the table and guests at the short bar.

The restaurant’s India-born owner, Purna Veer, adds the restaurant to his extensive resume as founder of a national technology services company,  V-Soft Consulting Group, Inc. Veer also owns a farm in Smithfield, Ky., where he grows hops for beer, grapes for wine, and some Indian vegetables for the restaurant.

So how is this Indian-American renaissance man doing in the restaurant game? Not badly. We dropped in about one month after opening and found a few of the slips and slides that aren’t unreasonable in a new spot. Overall, it’s good, though, and likely to get better. ...

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Tandoori Fusion
4600 Chamberlain Lane
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