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Cuvee Wine Table

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Robert Cole

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Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:34 am

Cuvee Wine Table

by Robert Cole » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:17 pm

We had a wonderful time at Cuvee recently. We were meeting our Cincinnati kids in Louisville. So of course we used the excuse to go in a day early and spend the night. We are always looking for an opportunity to try a new restaurant or an old favorite. The only downside is that after a week of caring for two fun but rambunctious grand-kids I've lost track of my notes.

We started with an order of polenta fries. I was surprised at just how tasty these were and at the relatively large portion. I had read good things about them in the Louisville HotBytes review. Still, I had some doubts, but MC suggested we try. They were delicious. We followed this with a lamb meatball flatbread pizza. Again, very good.

Next we split the veal special. We really enjoyed this dish. Much better than the veal we had when traveling south recently.

We probably didn't need it, but we then split an order of crab bruschettea. It was good, but perhaps not as much so as the three above items. On the other hand, we lived for years in the Baltimore area, and find that crab dishes outside of Baltimore area are never as good.

We finished with sugared gnocchi served with a chocolate ganache and coffee.

We went through numerous tasting flights, working with our excellent server, Jessica. I can't begin to list them all here. It probably would have made more sense to just choose a few glasses to better match our food--but where's the fun in that.
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Robin Garr

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Crescent Hill

Re: Cuvee Wine Table

by Robin Garr » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:33 pm

Thanks for the review, Robert. It's very consistent with my experience there. This one's a keeper. Selfishly, I wish it was closer in, but hey.

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