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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super

by Robin Garr » Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:21 am

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s SuperChefs!

LEO's Eats with Robin Garr

The Riddler beef cupcakes at SuperChefs.

Holy pancakes and waffles, Batman! This place has got a bat-ton of food, piled as high as Gotham’s towers! With great power comes great responsibility, and SuperChefs’ latest and most impressive location meets that standard and then some. 

Indeed, SuperChefs’ superhero-themed bill of fare may challenge Ramsi’s for largest and most diverse menu on Bardstown Road. I count nearly 40 breakfast choices, which are joined by 16 lunch options at midday; during dinner hours (Thursday through Saturday only), you’ll find 25 more selections on a dinner menu that switches over to a super-villain theme.

It’s affordable, too, with most breakfast and lunch dishes priced under $10, topping out at $12.99 (for wings and waffles, a pancake platter, and something called a scorpion super scriddle that incorporates bacon, sausage and eggs into a cake). Most dinner entrees range from $12.99 (for the Ali Bombaye burger) to $21.99 (for the Bane, a seared chicken breast with mango jus); beef Wellington is a justifiably pricey outlier at $31.99.

You probably remember SuperChefs’ founder and chef, Darnell Ferguson, who first turned up in Louisville around 2012 as the proprietor of pop-up breakfast spots borrowing morning space from establishments that wouldn’t open for their own business until later in the day.

In July 2015 he opened his first full-service dining room, on Fairfax Avenue in St. Matthews, giving full rein to his superhero hobby and his Christian faith in decor featuring bold, colorful superhero art and bible verses. Unhappily, after only six months in operation, it was severely damaged in an January fire.

Rather than rebuilding on the ashes, Ferguson renovated - in inimitable superhero style - the Highlands storefront that had briefly housed Strati Wild Italian. SuperChefs opened last July, set with attractive black tables and sturdy wood-and-metal chairs, poster-size images of Superman and Wonder Woman, stylized Gotham scenes, and a Last Supper scene with superheroes in the seats. At night, startling neon green and purple lights add an eerie tone to signal a daily shift from superhero to a super-villain theme.

The dinner menu is divided, mysteriously, into Henchmen (apps), Kryptonite (salads), Partners in Crime (sides), Villains (full-size entrees), and Goons (fried pasta dishes). Many of them take the name of super-villains, sometimes with a clear connection to the dish. (The $12.99 Hulk sandwich, for example, is built on a green waffle.) ...

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