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Meatless Mondays and new menu at Anoosh Bistro

by Robin Garr » Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:52 pm

Every Monday, Anoosh Bistro will offer a special three course prix fixe menu featuring innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes. Last night's menu started with an Asian-Style Spring Roll filled with rice noodles and vegetables then served with hot, sweet sauce. King Trumpet Mushrooms Scallop-Style, the main course, was served with quinoa, roasted carrots and Asian-style green beans. Guests may choose from our dessert menu, which features vegan options. The Meatless Monday menu, created by Chefs Anoosh and Allan Rosenberg, will be available in addition to our regular menu items at 4864 Brownsboro Center.

Several new dishes have recently been added to our menu including Crostini Trio, Arancini, Charred Octopus, Duck Confit Salad, Pork Sugo Pasta, and Trout Provencal. The Bistro’s wine menu also has been updated.

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