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The rolling acres of Henry County

Gerstle's Place Late Winter Menu

by RonnieD » Sun Feb 05, 2017 4:31 pm

Thank you to Robin for permission to post this:

We're winding down Winter with some awesome comfort food this year!

Gerstle's Late Winter Menu features our new Meatloaf Platter: scrumptiously seasoned all-beef meatloaf with mashed-to-order potatoes and steamed vegetables (our first fork and knife plate in years!).
Also, back from last year, our Fried Cod Sandwich: Hand breaded, 8 oz. cod fillet deep friend and served on rye with housemade tartar sauce and fries.

The Late Winter Menu is available from Feb. 6 through April 1. (we're sneaking into Spring a bit)

Come ride out the rest of the cold weather at the Gerstle's Place, Louisville's home for great live music, local sports, and incredible food for nearly 100 years!
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Ronnie Dingman.
Head Cook, The Kitchen at Gerstle's Place

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