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Discussion of Robin Garr's Corner Café review

by Robin Garr » Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:02 am

Corner Café, dishing up comfort food for 20 years
LEO's Eats with Robin Garr


Think of a quintessential Louisville neighborhood, and chances are your thoughts will turn to Germantown or Clifton, the Highlands or Crescent Hill.

"That stretch out past Lyndon where Whipps Mill twists around the railroad tracks and tangles with Lagrange Road," not so much.

But riddle me this: When we list the quintessential Louisville neighborhood eateries, the most memorable spots for comfort food, friendly service and fair prices, we start by checking off favorites like Check's and Shady Lane Café. Then up pops Corner Café, a 20-year tradition that doesn't actually sit on a corner but right in the middle of a strip shopping center in ... wait for it ... "that stretch out past Lyndon where Whipps Mill twists around the railroad tracks."

So, how does that work? I'm not quite sure where all these people come from, but this place always seems crowded, and the crowds always seem hungry and happy. It's been like that for more than two decades under the long-term management of Robert, Randy, Scott and Peggy Frederick and their friend Alice Bowling.

Right off the bat, it's warm and welcoming. Park, pop in the door, and you're in a comfortable, rather dark bar, but not the kind of bar where everyone turns in unison and glares at you, the intruder. It's more of a "Howdy, stranger, we're glad you're here" spirit.

Stroll on into the dining room, and just for a moment you'll catch a momentary feeling that this might be more like a fancy club than a neighborhood joint. The walls are a tasteful burgundy color, and they bear classy museum-like chiaroscuro still-lifes that look like old masters but are actually done by local artist Don Burchett.

The tables are set with dark cloth napkins and elegant flatware that looks like your mom's, and they're draped in white cloths; the oversize menus are bound in leather-look books. But a peek at the menu quickly reassures us that for all its upscale trappings, this is, after all, a friendly neighborhood joint, and the prices are right.

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Corner Café
9307 New Lagrange Road
Robin Garr's rating: 85 points

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