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Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:00 pm

Seeking advice on big friggin ovens.

by BrianHolton » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:03 pm

Not sure if this forum is the best to post this but...
1. this is Brian from Beer Engine (the brewery that bought the old zeppelin cafe building). Since im sure it'll be asked....yes, we are still working on the building and we are still planning to open.
2. The building was originally a Heitzman bakery. we have some very large ovens that may or may not be useable. If they can be made to work, we would love to make some bread or rent the space to someone interested in making bread (but yes, we will still operate as a brewpub).
So what we need, is someone with bakery equipment experience to give us an idea of what we're dealing with. If they're not worth fixing, we could use the space for kegging/cold storage.

Thanks for any leads/advice whatsoever

Brian Holton

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