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Feb. 8 "Lunch Lessons" class at Limestone

by Robin Garr » Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:11 pm

These look like a lot of fun ...

From: "Jim Gerhardt"

Just a heads up on our offering for our three course, three demonstration lunch for February.
The theme is “You Make Me Melt”

This cooking class will revolve around making a nice meal for your sweetie.

There will be a component to each course that adds to the dish by melting.
I am looking at a sorbet dressing for the salad, a few different fondue’s to enjoy with meat, fish and vegetables, then finish with molten chocolate lava cake.
The class starts at noon on Friday February 8th and runs until 1:30
The cost is $25.00 inclusive of tax and gratuity.
We also have happy hour prices for draught beers and house wines to add to the enjoyment.

Limestone Restaurant
10001 Forest Green Blvd.

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